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Albert Einstein said that if only he had known he would have become a locksmith. He might have said it in jest but that does not take away from the nobility of the profession that has been around for centuries. At Simi Valley locksmith we work to uphold the locksmith’s creed and ensure that the security of fortune and property that is entrusted to us is never compromised.

We offer services for both residential and commercial properties as well as auto locksmith Simi Valley services around the clock to provide the quickest possible response for any emergency cases for the times you lock yourself out of your car or home and any other services that may be required.


The locksmith Simi Valley staff is superbly qualified to handle any issue from updating security systems to just changing locks or carrying out a simple repair. Just as the locksmith profession has changed over the years from simply creating keys and locks so have we at Simi Valley locksmith. We have moved with times to provide top notch services for better security of your home, valuables and car. The car locksmith Simi Valley services that we offer include installation of security systems and emergency services that are always available. Other services include making or duplicating keys which was one of the jobs locksmiths originally did and which we are honored to continue, installing different security systems and repair services among others. A quick call will get you in touch with us for a consultation on what you need to be done.

Locksmiths have been known as the symbols of skill and integrity at least according to the locksmith’s creed and are expected to be artists at their trade. This is exactly what we bring to the table in our services, securing the homes, cars and properties of our clients, solving issues and emergencies and ensuring that they do not occur again. We offer quality services backed by the expertise and professionalism of our experienced staff. Simi Valley locksmith has earned its place of esteem with the customers we serve in the region and as such work diligently to maintain this and build on it. Not only are we qualified to attend to any and all issues concerning your locks and security systems we are glad to. It is vital that we should all feel secure wherever we may be whether in the comfort of our homes or driving around at night and we aim to provide this to all our customers.

Though it has been said that for all the doors locked, love is the best locksmith, we at Simi Valley locksmith would like to think that we have got love beat and have the best locksmiths for the job whatever it may be. Our customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing and we provide the best services that they may get exactly what they need to feel safe and protect themselves and their property. For residential, commercial or auto locksmith services in Simi Valley, our firm has done its best t o be the best and be the public guardians we were charged to be as locksmiths.